Project Objectives

Last Updated: 29 December 2011

Partners of TEMA-CNC project (Nr. P/03/B/F/PP-159016), after testing the training Modules, have concluded that there has been a need to implement a system for Recognition, Validation and Certification of Skills among the E.U. members, in the area of maintenance of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipments.

E-TOOL CNC - E-LEARNING TOOL FOR MAINTENANCE ON CNC  (2009-1-PT1-LEO05-03291 ) is funded by the action Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme and is coordinated by CENFIM.

Start: 1st December 2009     -     End: 30th January 2012


The project objectives are:

- To use, improve and adapt the contents of all developed modules into a b-Learning system platform to be used by all partners and by Tutors and tested by Trainees from all countries;

- To produce evaluation “Kits” for Diagnosis, Recognition and Validation of the existing Skills of the target population;

- To adapt some used machines to create didactic materials for practical simulation, training diagnosis and repair of CNC equipments, for practical use of the Evaluation “Kits" and to create an evolution on training on CNC machines, applying remote control maintenance and retrofitting technologies with ICT support;

- To transfer and adapt the professional profile, the skills matrix and the training plan of previous project “TEMA”, for new/all partners and to create a common proposal to be presented to each country’s National Qualification Certification Agency for Recognition, Validation and Certification of the Professional Skills of the Technician of Maintenance of CNC equipments;

- Training E-Trainers and E-Tutors, to improve their competences in E- Learning;

- To Promote the inter-relationship and share of knowledge among the learning groups as stated above;

- To test the modules and evaluation Kits of this course in each partners’ country and for the target groups.

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